Georgia Oversize Load Permits

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Georgia Oversize Load Permits
Oversize Permits
The Oversize Permit Unit has State-wide responsibility for the transportation of oversize and overweight loads as defined in Federal Code Title 23; Georgia Code Title 32 and GDOT Board Rule 672-2. Permits are issued for vehicles and loads that exceed the legal size and/or weight limits for travel on the public roadways of the State of Georgia.

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Permit Types
Single Trip
May only be used once for movement during the times specified on permit; must include a description of the load; name of transporter; origin and destination, routes of travel and insurance provider information.

Standard Single - $30.00
Width & Height Limit of 16'
Weight Limit of 150,000 lbs. 
Please see attached document for a detailed explanation of the requirements.

Superload Single - $125.00
Width & Height greater than 16'
Weight Limit 150,001 to 180,000 lbs.
Note: May take up to three days of approval.

Superload Plus - $500.00
Weight over 180,000 lbs.
Requires Bridge Analysis 
Note: May take up to three weeks for approval.

Mega Load - $500.00
Weight 300,000 lbs and above
Requires outside Engineering 
Note: Please allow at least 30 business days for GDOT’s review and coordination of the move from the date that the submittal is received from the engineering firm before a permit can be issued. Please see attached document below for a detailed explanation of the requirements. 

Annual Permits
All annual permits must have a load specific description that matches the type of load that is being transported. This means that heavy equipment permits are only issued for drivable equipment. Non-divisible load types such as pre-stress concrete, steel trusse, concrete beams etc. will be issued their own specific type of annual permit that matches the item shown on the permit.

Are good for one year from date of purchase; are interchangeable within the same company, as long as the original is in the transport vehicle at the time of movement; may be used for any load type that is not divisible, and does not exceed any dimension. Required to maintain $300,000 liability insurance with the Georgia Department of Transportation as the certificate holder and must be on file with said Department for the duration of the permit.

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Annual Commercial Wrecker Emergency Tow Permit
Effective July 1, 2013, due to the passage of HB218, Georgia will offer a new emergency tow permit replacing the old permit. Upon renewal, the new permit will be issued. Permits will be issued for 135,000 lbs on 7 axles. Please see the legislation below for the new requirements.
  • Official Code of Georgia Annotated
  • Duration and limits of permits.
  • Annual Commercial wrecker emergency tow permit. Pursuant to this code section, the commission may issue an annual permit for vehicles towing disable, damaged, abandoned or wrecked commercial vehicles, including combination vehicles, even though such wrecker or its load exceed the maximum limits specified in this article. An annual commercial wrecker emergency tow permit shall not authorize the operation of a vehicle:
  • Whose single axle weight exceeds 25,000 pounds
  • Whose load on one tandem axle exceeds 50,000 pounds and whose load on any secondary tandem axle exceeds 38,000 pounds; or
  • Whose total load exceeds 125 feet

Rules of the State Department of Transportation - Definitions.
Emergency Towing: When a tractor/trailer combination becomes disabled, an authorized permitted wrecker may transport the disabled tractor/trailer to a repair facility or safe location to dismantle the tractor/trailer. If the closes location is a weigh station or rest area, transporters are authorized to leave dismantle the tractor/trailer, at that location, however, they must be moved within a twenty-four hour period or be moved at the ownders expense. No state agency shall be responsible for any damages to tractor-trailer left on State property.

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