Oversize loads permits in North Dakota

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Single Trip 
Annual: Seasonal, Overwidth, Interstate 
Seasonal — For hay movers, hay grinders, and fertilizer spreaders, grain cleaners, agricultural chemical applicators, forage harvester. 
Overwidth – For overwidth vehicle and nondivisible load movements up to 14 feet 6 inches 
Interstate – For divisible load movements over 80,000 pounds GVW, not to exceed 105,500 pounds GVW 

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A single trip oversize/overweight permit is required for a non-reducible oversize and/or overweight load movement that exceeds North Dakota legal vehicle size and weight limits. See the ND Legal Vehicle Size and Weight Guide and the ND Weight Limitations Chart for further information.

The online system (E-Permits) accepts single trip permit for all oversize/overweight load movements. Axle weights shall not exceed maximum permitted limits. See the Permit Policy for Movement of Oversize and Overweight Vehicles and/or Loads for further information. The maximum weight on a tandem axle is 40,000 lbs. and a single axle is 22,000 lbs. when the GVW exceeds 150,000 pounds.

A single trip permit is valid for one load movement up to three days.

OPERATING TIME: Sunrise to sunset, including Saturday and Sunday except loads over 16 feet wide and 110 feet long cannot travel Saturday after noon or Sunday all day. Overweight only can have continuous travel.

RESTRICTED TRAVEL: Travel may be restricted on major holidays or holiday weekends depending on dimensions.  (Double check with permit office for holiday restrictions).


 - 53′ semi-trailer and load
 - 75 overall including load and any rear overhang

Poles, pipes, beams, utility poles, etc. are not exempt from permits for length or rear overhang.

Width: 8’6″
Height: 14”
Weight: 80,000 Gross
 - Single – 20,000
 - Tandem – 34,000
 - Tridem – 48,000

Register tractor at the maximum of 105,500 pounds to be permitted for that much or more, or pay extra on the O/W permit.

Divisible Loads Exceeding 80,000: You can exceed 80,000 gross without a permit on state highways as long as you are legal on all axle/group weights and you are licensed for at least the amount of your gross weight. However, if you need any Interstate route, you will need to get an “Interstate Permit.”

  • Single Trip for Oversize & Overweight - Routine — $20 plus $15 service/routing fee 
  • Nondivisible Overwidth Annual Permit – $100 (The permit expires on December 31) 
  • Divisible Load Single Trip —$10 or $20, plus $15 service/routing fee 
  • Divisible Load Annual Interstate Permit — $300 
  • Special Mobile Equipment Single Trip — $25 plus $15 service/routing fee 
  • Workover Service Rig Single Trip - $100 plus $15 service/routing fee 
  • Seasonal (annual) — $50 
Permit Fees on vehicles/loads with a GVW greater than 150,000 pounds

Gross Vehicle WeightPermit Fee (single trip)
150,001 to 160,000$30.00
160,001 to 170,000$40.00
170,001 to 180,000$50.00
180,001 to 190,000$60.00
190,001 and over$70.00

A $0.05 ton/mile fee is assessed upon that portion of gross vehicle weight exceeding 200,000 pounds.

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Labeling — Flags, displayed on the traffic side front and rear, must be 18" square and either red or bright orange in color. Oversize load signs must have dimensions of at least 12x60” and have a yellow background with black letters at least 8" high and with a 1” brush stroke. Vehicles over 75' in length must have an "OVERSIZE LOAD" sign. When the movement is over-length only, exceeding 75', a 12" x 60" "LONG LOAD" sign may be used. Letters must be at least 8" in height with 1" brush stroke. 

Escort Vehicles and Personnel — Pilot car(s) are required for all movements exceeding 14 feet 6 inches in width, 18 feet in height, and 120 feet in overall length. In lieu of a pilot car, overwidth movements exceeding 14 feet 6 inches but not over 16 feet may be equipped with lighted rotating or flashing amber light(s) that are visible from the front and rear at 500 feet. Load movements exceeding 18 feet in overall width are subject to an NDHP escort. Excessive overweight load movements are also subject to pilot cars and an official escort. 

One escort is required to the rear for all load movements exceeding 120 feet in overall length. A minimum of one lead escort is required to precede all load movements exceeding 18 feet in overall height. 

Certification – Pilot Car Escort Certification is not currently required. 

Official Escorts — A NDDOT engineer or NDHP Commander may determine an NDHP escort is required on a load movement of excessive size and/or weight. A load movement exceeding 18 feet in overall width may be required to have a Highway Patrol escort as determined by the NDHP district commander. The escort fee is $50 per hour and $.50 per mile.

Overdimensional and/or Overweight Citation: $20 and $100. Overweight fines may be assessed for over axle, gross, exterior bridge and interior bridge length violations, whichever produces the greater fine. Drivers may not shift load to avoid an over-axle citation.

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