Oversize Permits in North Carolina

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North Carolina freight shipping
Annual Permit
 - $100 per vehicle (non-divisible general commodities) 
 - $200 per vehicle (mobile homes) 
One year from effective date 
12 feet maximum* (14 feet farm equipment) 
 - 105 feet hauling one item commodity or truck tractor/48-feet semi-trailer combination hauling multiple commodities in line (not route specific) 
 - 53 feet semi-trailer combination hauling multiple commodities in line (route specific - primary routes only) 
 - 60 feet with truck/trailer combination hauling multiple commodities in line 
 - 105-feet toter/mobile home combination 
13 feet 6 inches (legal)
 Overweight (One item)
Minimum 51-foot wheelbase, vehicle combinations can qualify for movement up to 90,000 pounds. (Travel not authorized on posted roads or posted bridges.) 

Over 90,000 pounds, route specific (exact origin, detailed route and destination). Identified by Power unit license and serial number Issued to Registered owner of power unit

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Single Trip Permit

$12 - $48 (state fee) 
10 calendar days for one single trip 
15 feet maximum (mobile home may be permitted up to 16 feet) 
No overall length limitations, with the following exception: 
105 feet maximum for mobile homes/total combination Height Maximum determined by vertical clearance along authorized route of travel 
One item route specific (exact origin, detailed route and destination) 
Identified by Power unit license and serial number 
Issued to 
Registered owner of power unit 
• The following weights do not apply to self-propelled vehicles or off-road equipment. 
• Maximum permit weight allowed is determined by the number of load supporting axles; allowable bridge structure weights. 
• May include a return trip to the original point of origin, if requested at original time of issue. The return trip must be completed within the validation date of the permit. 
• Interstate Commerce Commission number, or ICC#, is required for interstate (across state lines) travel. 

Superload Permit

• $100 non-refundable application fee 
• State fee ($12 – $48) will be charged in addition to $3 per 1,000 pounds over 132,000 pounds gross weight. 
• Gross weight exceeds 132,000 pounds. 
• Gross weight on steer axle exceeds 20,000 pounds. 
• Width exceeds 15 feet (shipper’s letter required). 
• Requires a written superload application (PF-20) to include vehicle combination schematics (axle spacing and distribution of weight) and documentation for variances. 
• Request must be made at least 10 working days prior to the anticipated date of movement to allow for internal and bridge engineering reviews.

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Responsibility of Permittee

• The permit is required to be issued in the name of the registered owner of the insured power unit. The permittee is responsible for total compliance with permit rules and regulations. 
• Violations of weight, escort, dimension and other restrictions or conditions stated on the permit may result in your permit being considered invalid by the Central Permit Office and/or enforcement personnel. A violation or repeated violations may result in denial, suspension or revocation of North Carolina permit privileges. 
• Must comply with legal requirements for proper license, insurance coverage and operating authority for each vehicle to be permitted. 
• The object(s)/item(s) transported are to be loaded or reduced to the smallest dimensions and/or weight prior to applications for an overdimension and/or overweight permit. 
• Proof the permit document for accuracy prior to travel on North Carolina highways. If the document is incorrect, permittee is to immediately contact the NCDOT Central Permit Office prior to movement on North Carolina highways. 
• Properly sign the permit to verify you have read and fully understand the requirements. 
• Responsible for damages and cost involved to persons or property as a result of the permitted movement. 
• Total compliance with North Carolina law and permit policies and restrictions specified on permit document. 
• Maintain a speed consistent with safety of the traveling public and avoid creating traffic congestion. 
• Permittee shall temporarily move to the side of the highway to allow trailing traffic to pass. 

The issuance of a permit by the NCDOT does not imply nor guarantee the clearance for the permitted load(s). All vertical clearances should be checked by the permittee before moving beneath the structure and/or utility lines. 

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Permit Rules and Regulations

General Information

• PERMITS ARE NOT TRANSFERABLE. If a permitted vehicle is wrecked, sold, traded or junked, a new permit must be issued and the required fee(s) paid. 
• Oversize/overweight permits (annual and single trip) are issued with the requirements and restrictions customized on each permit document for the load being transported. 
• No movement is allowed on Sunday or between sunset and sunrise on any day unless otherwise stated on the permit. 
• Commodity being hauled must be loaded so that the vehicle/vehicle combination presents the least dimension and exposure to the motoring public. 
• The towing unit must be properly licensed for maximum allowable weight determined by extreme axle measurement (G.S. 20-118) prior to application for an overweight permit. 
• Permittee must be apportionately registered prior to travel into or through North Carolina as required by law. For more information, contact the DMV International Registration  

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