How To Choose A Dispatch Service

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How To Choose A Dispatch Service
Do I Need A Dispatch Service?
Doing your own dispatching is very tedious and beyond stressful. Thankfully there are skilled professionals that have dispatch services to help you stay on the road without the headache. A dispatch service will look through the endless loads and call all the possibilities so you don’t have to. Dispatchers will handle the back and forth with the brokers to negotiate the best possible rate for you. They deal with the broker setups and build you a carrier packet. A dispatch service will coordinate your loads to keep you rolling while your truck makes money. Some will also do your billing for you, which will either do your invoicing or provide your factoring company with the correct paperwork.

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What Dispatch Service Do I Choose?
While all independent services are different, the main purpose is the same. Choosing the right company is extremely important. The quality of your dispatcher should be a top priority to ensure that your company thrives in this competitive industry. Having a poor dispatch department can ultimately result in your business failing. It is imperative to choose this part of your team very wisely.

Are Dispatch Services Right For You?
First, find a service that has experience in the same field as your company. You wouldn’t have your mechanic book loads for your truck, nor would you have a dispatcher overhaul your equipment. Ask them questions about what they specialize in and to give you comparable figures as an example. If you cannot find a dispatch service that has experience in your specific field, use your common sense. Some may have enough knowledge to succeed in areas they are not familiar with.

Is The Company Reputable?
Consider companies you have heard of before. When a company does good things, you will usually hear the buzz going around. You can go to forums or Facebook groups to get real opinions on companies. Also, keep in mind that if a reputable company has referred you to another company you are probably headed in the right direction.

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Should I Sign A Contract?
The answer is simple. NO! Hiring an independent dispatch service should make you more profit, save you time and stress, or both. If they are not performing in such a manor there is no reason why you should be locked in a contract with them. This is a red flag and automatically says they may not be confident in their services.

What Is A Fair Rate?
Rates are the last thing you should consider but the subject is a huge factor. Most companies will be comparable to each other. Rates that sound too good to be true typically are too good to be true. There is a cost of operation, just as a truck has cost of operation. If the rates are extremely low, odds are they won’t be in business very long. Don’t be fooled into outrageous rates and fees either. There are many dispatch services that have free setup without monthly minimums.

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