Texas Oversize/Overweight Permits

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Texas Oversize/Overweight Permits
Vehicles and loads that exceed legal size or weight limits need an oversize/overweight (OS/OW) permit and route from the TxDMV to travel on Texas roads.

For assistance in determining the permit types available for your vehicle and/or load, log in to the Texas Permitting & Routing Optimization System (TxPROS) and select the Permit Wizard, or call us at (800) 299-1700.

The normal hours of operation for our Oversize/Overweight Permits Office are 7 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and 6 a.m. - 2 p.m. on Saturday. REMINDER: The toll-free phone line shuts down 30 minutes prior to the end of office hours each day.

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Texas Size and Weight Limits

Texas has established size and weight limits for vehicles and loads moving with or without an oversize and/or overweight permit on Texas roadways and bridges.

Width is measured from the outside points of the widest extremities, excluding safety devices.
Height is measured from the roadbed to the highest point of the load or vehicle, whichever is higher.
Length is measured from the foremost point of the vehicle or load, whichever extends further, to the rearmost point of the vehicle or load, whichever extends further.
Weight includes the weight of the vehicle or combination, plus the weight of the load being transported.

The following maximum dimensions may be operated on Texas’ highways without a permit:

- Width:

  • Passenger vehicle (and its load) - 8'
  • All other vehicles (and loads) - 8'6"

- Height – 14’
- Length:

Vehicle TypeLength Limit
Single motor vehicle45 feet
Semitrailer, of two-vehicle combination59 feet
Two-vehicle combination, other than a truck-tractor combination 65 feet
Three-Vehicle combination other than truck-tractor combination 65 feet
Each trailer or semitrailer of a twin-trailer combination28.5 feet
Stinger-steered auto/boat or traditional auto/boat transporter (truck-tractor) Unlimited
Truck towing a trailer transporting boats65 feet
Front overhang3 feet
Rear overhang4 feet

 - Weight: 

  • Gross - 80,000 pounds maximum
  • Single axle - 20,000 pounds
  • Tandem axle group - 34,000 pounds
  • Triple axle group - 42,000 pounds
  • Quad axle group - 50,000 pounds 

1. Length limit may only be increased with a permit if the vehicle combination complies with the permit requirements both with and without a load

2. Length may not be increase with a permit

3. Semitrailer length may not be increased with a permit

4. The basis for maximum legal weight is the number of axles. This information, in conjunction with the Permissible Weight Table, is used to determine maximum legal weight for a vehicle.

5. An axle group must have a minimum spacing of 40 inches between axles within the group

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Route Inspections for Oversize/Overweight Permits

In addition to the requirements of the permit type you are applying for, if your vehicle or load exceeds one of the following dimensions, you must apply for and certify a Route Inspection prior to your permit being issued.

Width – 20'
Height – 18'11"
Length – 125'
A representative of your company must physically inspect the proposed route to ensure the safety of the load, traveling public and the state infrastructure. A company representative must certify (sign and date) the route inspection proposal after the route has been physically inspected.


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