Thermal mode of the engine

Thermal mode of the engine

Observe the correct thermal mode of the motor. Be sure to warm up the engine before driving, because the operation of a cold engine will cause premature wear of the piston group and excessive fuel consumption. If the car is empty, let it work at idle for three to five minutes, then you can go, avoiding high revolutions, finally warming up the engine is already in motion. A loaded car should be warmed up longer since the load on the engine will immediately be quite large.

The engine temperature should be 75–85 degrees Celsius. The engine is overheated or low temperature cannot work economically. If necessary, in the winter period, additionally warm it.

On a hot summer day, when the temperature of the surrounding air exceeds 30 degrees Celsius, the oxygen content in it sharply decreases. When working in such conditions, the motor loses its efficiency, since the filling of the cylinders with air deteriorates and there is not enough oxygen to prepare a rational combustible mixture. In strong heat, theengine power is noticeably reduced.

Thermal mode of the engine

At this temperature, asphalt melts. It becomes sticky and sticky, which increases rolling resistance. In addition, the car on this surface does not feel stable and confident. In addition to this, the wheels are also heated, and the temperature of the rubber often exceeds the permissible operating standards. As a result, tires "shoot", but they are not cheap!

Therefore, we advise you to refrain from moving in forty-degree heat. It is better to ride through the cool of the night. The motor will “breathe” in clean air, the rubber will not warm up, and the truck will not drive on the molten asphalt. In addition, the driver is much more comfortable to move in the cool of the night than in a crazy heat when there is nothing to breathe.

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